Balloon FAQ

What type of balloons do we supply/offer?

The Fun Shop offer an extensive range of balloons in three basic categories:

Latex Balloons

These balloons are generally oval and made from 100% biodegradable latex. These balloons are made from rubber and come in variety of colors, sizes, and designs. These Balloons are inflated either with air or helium.

Mylar Balloons

Also known as ‘Foil Balloons’ these balloons are made from a foil like substance. They come in a large range of shapes, colours, sizes and designs. These are generally inflated with Helium.

Bubble Balloons

The newest type of balloon on the market and are made from stretchy, clear plastic and is shaped like a ball. They come in a limited range of designs and sizes. Inflated with helium. All foil balloons come with self-sealing opening, except for those 9 inches or 14 inches foil balloons that are Air-filled and need to be heat-sealed.

What colours are available? Can you match my logo / theme / invite?

We have every colour under the rainbow and probably a few more. We have 6 different colour ranges – Metallic, Pearl, Standard, Pastel, Neon & Crystal colours. Each of these ranges comes with 1-5 colour options. For children’s parties we recommend the regular standard latex and crystal latex balloons, as the colors are brighter. Standard Colour Latex Balloons are the most common form of balloons being used. We offer a variety of Standard Colour Latex Balloons. The pearl ones are SOFTER and have a metallic/silvery finish, so the colors are less bright. They are usually used in Princess parties, Adult’s parties, Babyshowers or Bridal Showers. Metallic Latex Balloons are balloons with a little tone of shine just like our car paint. Metallic Balloons add some shimmer. Ideal for a variety of occasions, balloons will add sparkle and elegance to any party decoration. Crystal Balloons are translucent so you will be able to see through them, especially when held up to a light source.

What quality are your latex balloons?

As industry professionals we only use the very best. We believe it’s important that our balloons last the full life of your party, look amazing and do what they are supposed to do. Their colours are 100% consistent through all batches, only around 1/1000 have faults that cause them to pop and we can therefore be confident that our customers will get exactly what they order. In Namibia there are many cheaper products available however they don’t stay consistent colours and shape and they don’t last. To us, it’s not worth the risk.

Are all of your balloons biodegradable?

All of our helium latex balloons are 100% biodegradable (Foil and bubble balloons are not) If you plan to release your balloons, please do so WITHOUT RIBBONS!!

All About Helium

Where does helium come from?

Check out Wikipedia

How are Helium Balloons delivered to clients?

Our standard method to tie balloons are as follow: Latex balloons will be tied in Umbrella style 10 – 15 balloons in a bundle. Each balloon comes with a +-1.5m long matching colour curling ribbon, Each bundle will have mixed colours if customers order more than 1 colour balloons Customers who do not want mixed colour bundles or require a specific colour of curling ribbon may put this in the remarks whilst ordering. A surcharge may incur for other tying methods. Note: Decorated balloon weights can be purchased at “Balloon Accessories” category. Weights are an additional cost. Small weights for regular balloons are about N$ 13.00 each. Heavy weights for supersized balloons/bouquets are about N$ 27.00 each.

What is your minimum order for helium balloons?

There is NO minimum order!


Can you do balloons on the spot or do I have to book?

We can inflate balloons on the spot for you, however we do recommend if it is more than 10 balloons you should book.

Benefits of booking:

You won’t have to wait! While it may only take us a few minutes to inflate your actual balloons, if it is a busy period, you sometimes may have to wait for other orders to be inflated first if they are before you. If you have ordered, they will be ready to go. We generally recommend booking in anything above 15 balloons.

How many pieces of standard 12 inch balloons can fit into a saloon car?

Generally, a saloon car with no passenger, no child seat and empty boot fit about 30 to 40 latex balloons; SUV / MPV fit about 50 to 60 balloons while a kombi van can fit about 80 to 100 balloons. It is highly recommended to keep balloons cool whilst they are being transported. Do not leave balloons too long in car boots and park cars in shaded area whenever possible. Wind down the window a little to avoid deflation due to weather conditions. For each baby/child seat, deduct 10 balloons. (prudent to note that we are not endorsing transporting children without baby/car seats. Ensure you remove all shopping, prams, etc before picking up.


Do you deliver? Where do you deliver to?

We do deliver helium balloons but are subjected to availability. We deliver to a 50km radius around Swakopmund. Swakopmund deliveries start from N$ 60.00-N$90.00. Larger event deliveries, etc are quoted on a per job basis.

How Long Will My Balloon Last?

How long do helium balloons last?

The below information is strictly a guide and time frames really do depend on the conditions the balloons are kept in. While we do use the highest quality balloons if they are treated incorrectly or ‘played with’ by children there is a risk that it will severely shorten the life of the balloon. Latex Balloons (Latex balloons are the rubber balloons) 30cm Balloons: Generally last 10-12* hours from inflation. Latex Balloons can also be sealed with a product called Oomf that can make them last at least a further 3-4 days if handled correctly. 40cm Balloons: Generally last 12-15* hours from inflation. Latex Balloons can also be sealed with a product called Oomf that can make them last at least a further 4-7 days if handled correctly. 90cm Balloons: Generally last 30-48* hours from inflation. Latex Balloons can also be sealed with a product called Oomf that can make them last at least a further 7-14 days if handled correctly. * Float time specified above is based on estimation and varies with different environmental conditions, how they are handled and the conditions they are transported in. The Fun Shop will not held liable for any under-performance expectation.

Mylar (Foil) Balloons

Smaller: Smaller (18inch) Foil balloons will last in perfect condition for around 3-4 days and then deflate slightly. It will then last another 3-4 days in this condition and then progressively will deflate further. It will still be ‘floating’ as such for approximately 2 weeks. Larger: Larger (Super Shape) Foil balloons will last in perfect condition for around 3-4 days and then deflate slightly. It will then last another 1-2 weeks in this condition and then progressively will deflate further. It will still be ‘floating’ as such for approximately 4 weeks. *Foil balloons are temperature sensitive. All gasses expand in heat and contact in cold. This means that if you take your balloon from a 25 degree room into a hot 30+ degrees car you risk that it will expand and pop. Alternatively if you take your balloon from a 25 degree room outside into the cold or into a colder room it will contact and deflate. Expansion and contraction will continue over and over again in each temperature change. Once the balloon is back to the temperature in which it was inflated, it will go back to normal.

Bubble Balloons

The longest lasting balloons available! These balloons will last in close to perfect conditions for at least 2-3 weeks. * Please note this balloon is temperature sensitive mainly to heat only.

Can the balloons be re-used and re-filled with helium gas?

Latex balloon
Inflated latex balloons cannot be refilled and re-used at all!

Foil Balloon

You can refill the deflated foil balloons with helium gas but it depends on the balloons condition. The floating time of re-used foil balloons will no longer be as good as new balloons due to wear and tear during first time usage. Re-used foil balloon may also burst during refilling or deflate sooner than stipulated duration. We cannot guarantee that used Foil Balloons will remain inflated, nor can we be held responsible if the balloons are damaged during inflation process. Helium lost during inflation of defective balloons will not be refunded or replaced.


Is it safe to suck helium balloons?

NO! IT IS NOT EVER SAFE TO SUCK HELIUM! IT CAN CAUSE DEATH. While helium itself is not toxic as such, when you suck on a balloon your lungs fill with helium rather than air, which for your body tricks it into believing you are ‘breathing’ where in fact you are actually suffocating (due to lack of oxygen). It doesn’t even take that much. Just think, you can only hold your breath under water for a little while. If you suck a couple of helium balloons, it’s probably the same period of time. Therefore, you will not be harmed from helium ‘poisoning’ as such, you will actually be harmed from suffocation.

Latex allergies and important notes?

Latex allergies affect many people so it is important to avoid contact with latex balloons. The powder on the balloon, which helps release them from their mold when manufactured, causes latex allergies. It is advisable to use the other types of balloons for one's party, such as the mylar or plastic balloons, to avoid any unwanted reactions. NOTE: Latex Balloons are NOT Returnable. NB: An important note to make about 12cm or 5" latex balloons is that they are not suitable for helium-filling as they don't hold enough to enable them float. These balloons are more suited for table topiary centrepiece decorations or similar.